RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat | 10ft 6in


Type: Rigid Inflatable Boat


Watch how easy it is to set up a RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat!

Deflate and stow your RibRave DurAquos in minutes!


Top performance meets reinforced ingenuity with the RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat.

The RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat offers a substantial amount of deck space for everything you need on your outing! All of our tenders come with extra-strength lightweight anodized aluminum plate flooring to withstand heavy rugged material and the harshest liquid chemical components that come in contact with the boat deck. Thanks to the over-sized tubes and Deep-V Keel on the The RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat, you will have the smoothest, driest ride on the water. What's even better about our dinghies are how they are constructed, with maximum fortification from top to bottom, to ensure resilience and longevity no matter how many times you use the RibRave DurAquos tender.




The RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat takes a hammering and sustains no damage!


Your New Tender Comes With Everything You Need!



Your Dinghy Includes:

• Anodized lightweight aluminum plate flooring
• Two sea-worthy anodized aluminum oars
• High-Volume foot pump
• Two marine grade plywood seats*
• Inflatable boat repair kit
• Inflatable boat storage bag


  •  Limited manufacturer 5 year fabric warranty, 3 year seam warranty, and 2 year transom warranty
  • 1100 Denier count double reinforced 0.9mm PVC
  • Resistant to sunlight degradation
  • Inflatable deep v-keel with rugged strake protector
  • Quadruple-layered thermo-welded seams
  • Encircling rope grip line
  • Extreme temperature stability from 30°F and above when on the water
  • Resistant to hydrocarbon, oil, fuel, and salt water
  • Abrasion resistant and bump resistant
  • Durable rubber strike which surrounds boat tubes
  • Three independent internal air chambers, one keel chamber
  • Sturdy air valves with pushpin design
  • Fortified Marine grade plywood transom structure
  • Self-draining bung on transom only lets water out, not in
  • Stainless steel D-rings on bow for easy towing
  • Bow D-ring with integrated lifting handle  
  • Perfect tender for your boat


Why Choose The RibRave DurAquos? 

The RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat is constructed with heavy-duty 1100 denier count double reinforced PVC, Making it Incredibly Resilient and Dependable in Any Body of Water. The RibRave DurAquos is also weather resistant, chemical resistant, and able to withstand tough bumps and various abrasions. The internal high density polyester fabric offers dimensional stability along with high tensile and tear strength. The RibRave DurAquos is hand sealed at the seams for Strict Attention to Detail on Every Single Boat Ensuring Superior Construction, and Quadruple-Layered Thermo-Welded Seams to Create the Strongest Bond Possible. The RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat has a durable marine grade plywood transom structure which offers excellent compressive strength, fatigue resistance, and supports heavy outboard motors whether gliding on calm waters or cutting through chop. The RibRave DurAquos ™ Inflatable Boat is Specifically Designed for a Dry, Comfortable, Smooth Ride—Especially Under Rough Water Conditions Thanks to our Deep V-Keel Design. The RibRave DurAquos ™ is so compact when folded, that it can easily fit in trunk compartments of vehicles, apartment closets, small storage rooms, RV's and more. The RibRave DurAquos ™ is absolutely perfect as a tender as well.

Take the RibRave DurAquos™ Inflatable Boat wherever you go!


Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 117lbs | Weight is comprised of both boat and aluminum floorboards together
  • End To End Length: 10 ft 6 in
  • Inner Length: 7 ft 2 in
  • Beam: 5 ft 4 in
  • Inner Width: 2 ft 9 in
  • Chambers: 3 Tube + 1 Keel
  • Tube Size: 16 inches in diameter
  • Person Capacity: 5
  • Loading Capacity: 1251 LBS
  • Max Motor Power: 15 HP
  • Floor Type: Slated Aluminum
  • Material: 1100 Denier Double Reinforced PVC
  • Seams: Quadruple-Layered And Thermo-Welded
  • Air Valves: 4
  • Inflation / Assembly: 22 Minutes


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