Return Policy

Here at RibRave, our products are constructed with superior quality, down to the last fold and seam. If upon receiving your item from us you are not satisfied, you will have 10 days from the day you received your item to return it to RibRave for a full refund, shipping cost excluded.

RibRave does not refund used merchandise. We do a full inspection on all returned items. All merchandise sent to us for exchange or refund must be undamaged, unused, in original packaging, clean, dry, have all parts it came with, and in good working condition in order to be considered for exchange. If you are returning an item do to an error (such as receiving a different item than the one you ordered), or if we deem that the product has a manufacturer defect, we will fully refund you for the item and the shipping cost.



Any sort of permanent marking on boat (or other items) will void the RibRave Inc return policy. Boats (or other items) returned in damaged or dirty condition will be refused or charged a restocking fee upon our discretion. This includes markings such as registration numbers, footprints, etc.


We suggest that you keep the box in which you received your inflatable boat or stand up paddle board, in the unlikely case you need to return your product.


Return Procedure

1) Make sure that all air chambers are fully deflated (applies to inflatable products). With the pump provided with our boats, you can remove the air from the chambers by attaching the hose to the ‘out’ position and pump all of the air out. Alternatively, most vacuum cleaner nozzles fit the air valve, which enables the customer to quickly remove all of the air within the inflatable product

2) After deflating the product, be sure to quickly place the pushpin valve in the upper position to ensure the boat chambers remain airless.

3) The product must be absolutely clean and must not have any permanent markings to be considered for a refund.

4) If you have previously unfolded the inflatable product, fold it back to how you received it. NOTE: the inflatable product will not fit back inside of the box if there is air within the chambers.

5) Place folded boat and all accessories in which it came with back into the box, and seal the box with packing tape.

6) Please contact us to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#). Please be sure to legibly print the RMA# we provided you on the shipping label which will be emailed to you.

7) Include a copy of your order inside of the box along with the merchandise you are returning.

8) We suggest purchasing insurance from the shipping carrier, especially for high priced items. RibRave Inc will not be held liable for damage or loss to returned items during transit.

9) RibRave Inc does not cover shipping costs. If the item you received is defective, RibRave Inc will refund you for the shipping cost after we receive and inspect the item.

10) If RibRave Inc deems the item defective, RibRave Inc will only refund standard return shipping charges through only FedEx, UPS, and the United States Post Office at published shipping rates. If you use a retail shipping store to ship the merchandise, you will be responsible for all handling and packing charges, which RibRave Inc will not be responsible for.

11) Please allow up to 30 days for a refund / exchange