Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards FAQ | RibRave Pulse

SUP Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

The RibRave Pulse Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board—or the Pulse iSUP—is essentially a board made of PVC material that you stand up on in the water and paddle, whether for fun or fitness.

What are the perks for having an Inflatable SUP instead of a Fiberglass paddle board?

An iSUP is easy to handle when rolled up, and also uses less space when storing it. One can literally put the iSUP inside their vehicle because it rolls up so small; no need for a strap-down contraption on the top of your vehicle or a pickup truck to take your SUP with you.

How compact is your stand up paddle board?

The Pulse iSUP measures 32in height with 8.5in diameter when deflated and rolled; it is the epitome of a compact Stand Up Paddle Board.

Can I take the RibRave Pulse SUP on an airplane?

Yes, you can take it on an airplane inside of the sup backpack. Remember to check your airlines restrictions on baggage dimensions, airlines can vary greatly on what is allowed as carry-on or additional baggage.

How durable is your inflatable SUP?

The Pulse iSUP is constructed of PVC material, the very same material we use for our boats. It can be dragged on the ground, bumped against rocks, and it will not crack or be damaged like a hard SUP would in those same circumstances.

Is the Pulse Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board easy to set up?

Yes, twist the hand pump nozzle end into the boards air valve, and pump. We recommend you to pump at least 15 PSI into any size board for optimal performance.

How do I properly deflate an inflatable SUP?

The RibRave Pulse Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a push pin design, all you need to do is “push in” the pin and the air will rapidly come out. We suggest keeping the valve open while you roll it, as to remove any additional air inside thus having your iSUP roll up even smaller.

Can more than one person be on a SUP?

Yes, more than one person can go on each Pulse iSUP. We suggest our 12’ model Pulse iSUP which can easily handle a two person capacity. The smaller boards can take on two people as well, however, the longer the board is, the better it can handle more than one person.

Can I leave the paddle board outside?

Yes, you can leave your Pulse iSUP outside. Please be advised that it is not recommended leaving the board outside and exposed for extended periods of time due to sunlight degradation.

Do you have a Pulse SUP user manual?

We do have a user manual. Click Here, and Happy Supping!