Inflatable Boats and Tenders FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do inflatable boats work or assemble?

The DurAquos works by unrolling it, slightly inflating it, placing the floorboard(s) inside, fully inflating it, and getting the boat onto the water. Once you’re on the DurAquos—and if you placed the oars on both oarlocks—simply remove the oars from the rubber brackets attached to the boat and row. The Oarlocks will keep your oars in place while you row.

What is your inflatable boat made of?

The DurAquos is made of 0.9mm PVC material.

How long will it last?

The RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat can last you up to five years or more, depending on the quality of care it receives. Leaving the DurAquos inflatable boat exposed to sunlight for long periods of time will decrease its longevity, so please be sure to put a cover on your boat or deflate and store it.

What make the DurAquos unique?

The Deep-V keel which is great for slicing through choppy waters and tracking; when using an outboard motor on other dinghies and going a few knots, the boat will have a tendency to ‘skid’—the stern will begin turning left or right due to low traction. When riding on a DurAquos, you’ll have 100% control over its steering, so the boat won’t steer you instead. On the bottom of every DurAquos there are fortified pontoon safeguards and a deep-v keel strake protector to fortify your boat, which is especially great to have when beaching it. The rugged safeguards will keep your boat’s seams and keel from wearing down, saving you time and effort from repairs and preventing permanent damage to your boat. The durable tube rubber strike that encircles the boat is also something unique and practical. When docking your tender or dinghy, it has a tendency to chafe against the support poles and other parts of the dock, wearing down the fabric. The rubber strake will prevent the boats fabric from chafing.

What body of water is it intended for?

The DurAquos Inflatable Boat can be used in the open sea as a tender, and also in fresh water.

Can I put a trolling motor on it?

Yes, you may mount a trolling motor on the transom of your DurAquos Inflatable Boat.

Can I put an outboard motor on it?

The DurAquos Inflatable Boat is capable of having an outboard motor mounted onto its transom, here are the recommended sizes of outboard motors per boat size:
• DurAquos 9.5ft inflatable boat can use up a 10 HP outboard motor
• DurAquos 10.5ft inflatable boat can use up a 15 HP outboard motor
• DurAquos 12ft inflatable boat can use up a 20 HP outboard motor

How much do your inflatable boats weigh?

We’ll break down the weights for you, so you can have a very good idea of exactly how much everything weighs:
•DurAquos 9.5ft hull is 64lbs | floorboards, oars, and 2 seats weigh 41 lbs
•DurAquos 10.5ft hull is 70lbs | floorboards, oars, and 2 seats weigh 54 lbs
•DurAquos 12ft hull is 87.5lbs | floorboards, oars and 2 seats weigh 70 lbs

Is the inflatable boat easy to set up?

Yes, it is easy to put together. It is possible for just one person to assemble the Duraquos, no matter which size you may have.

How many people can be on the inflatable boats?

•DurAquos 9.5ft inflatable boat has a 4 person capacity
•DurAquos 10.5ft inflatable boat has a 5 person capacity
•DurAquos 12ft inflatable boat has a 6 person capacity

Can I leave the tender outside?

Yes, you can leave the DurAquos Inflatable Boat outside or on the water, however, we do recommend that you protect your boat from sunlight degradation by putting a boat cover on it; this will keep your inflatable boat at peak performance and increase its longevity.

Do you have an inflatable boat user manual?

We do have a user manual. Click Here , and Happy Boating!