Who We Are

 It was time for a change. After two combat tours in Afghanistan as a United States Marine, Phillip was ready for something different. Instead of waking up at zero dark-thirty in the morning to go for a run around base, or deploy to corners of the earth that seem devoid of all life—not that there isn’t anything appealing about those things, Oo-Rah—Phil preferred the idea of creating something and cultivating it. The daisy that grew on the lawn only briefly sated his burning aspiration, when Dennis came along and told Phil about his idea, and RibRave was born.

It’s great to be outside, and on the water. There’s something special about being out in the blue. A true feeling of freedom. As a family, we’re here to help you do what you love, so you can achieve that perfect day you’ve been waiting for. Whether you go out with friends, family, or cruise on your own, RibRave wants to get you there.